AllChem Technology
  AllChem Technology Approved Chemicals
AllChem Lubricant

A comprehensive of Cleaners, Strippers for building


Anti Freezing Coolant

Antiseptic Hand Wash - Cream / Liquids

Chiller Treatment Chemicals

Converters / Removers – Full range (Blend to Spec)

Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cutting Coolants - Mineral, Semi-Synthetic, Fully-Synthetic

Cutting Oils - Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and etc

Decarbonizers - Water / Solvent

Electronic Cleaners

Food grade Chemicals

Metal Treatment/Process

Passivating fluids

Penetrants  - Liquids/Aerosols


Release Agents
Stamping Oils/Cleansers
Tumbling Liquids

Welding Mark Cleaners

Sole Agent for AP Lube range

   of lubricants / greases

Cleaner,strippers for building maintenance Rust Converter/Remover Cutting Coolant/Oil Chiller Treatment Chemicals
Stamping Oils and Cleansers Chemicals for Tumbling Hand Cleanser Cooling Tower Chemicals

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